Ultimate Classic Band


I really liked Houndmouth's set that I caught at Forecastle last year; they had the sound and the energy all in line to potentially be a great band. Well this past weekend I realized that they already are a great band. Fans crowded to the front of the stage shortly before Justin finished his set. They stood there for a long while before eventually baying like hounds to draw the band out. Even though it got a little silly after a while, the band seemed to love it. At one point between songs they even remarked that the howling "was a first" but they hoped it would catch on.

Like their opener, Houndmouth only have a short EP in stores at the moment. But with their debut full-length album out this fall, they had enough songs for a strong set. From The Hills Below The City (out June 4) sounds like it'll be a fantastic record, because all the songs I didn't know during Houndmouth's set were incredible. They've got some bonafide hits on their EP ("Penitentiary," "Krampus") but I think their upcoming record is going to dwarf even that. Songs like "On the Road" and "Hey Rose" were fan-freaking-tastic live. It's no wonder Alabama Shakes picked them to open up. They've got the catchy americana blend and the pipes to grab nearly everybody's attention.