Ultimate Classic Band

Jim James

There for a while I was concerned that I wouldn't get to see Jim James on his solo tour before the window shut and it was time for the My Morning Jacket machine to jump back into full swing. I missed out on the Monsters of Folk tour and it still bums me out when I remember that. I love My Morning Jacket, but there's always a special fingerprint to a new on-stage lineup. Plus, who knows if some of the Jim James solo songs will ever be played live in MMJ sets?

So while a tiny part of me would look at Jim James on the Forecastle schedule and secretly wish it was My Morning Jacket, a larger chunk of me was thrilled that I'd get to see the unique flavor that is this touring band performing this material. And it's no surprise that the show was awesome, given that Jim surrounds himself with talented musicians on the regular. His live band even featured Louisville's secret weapon, Kevin Ratterman.