Ultimate Classic Band

Moon Taxi

Even though they've been touring through Kentucky since I was unable to legally drink, Forecastle was my one-year anniversary of seeing Moon Taxi. I saw them first at the same festival last year and they're actually remarkably better since that great first show.

The weird thing about my appreciation for Moon Taxi is that it pretty much only manifests itself as a love for their live show. I know a lot of Phish fans that are bored by their studio albums, but have a deep knowledge of their bootleg live show recordings. Moon Taxi has never grabbed me with their albums - in fact, I can't name a single song of theirs - but I think they're quickly becoming a fantastic live band. They're often called a jam band, but rather than noodle my attention away, they keep everything comfortably in the rock side of that sub-genre.

Maybe that makes me a bad fan. Or not a fan at all. But I treat Moon Taxi like a lot of people do cigarettes: they aren't for every day use, but when you're drunk in the summer sun then there's nothing better to accompany it. And even though they haven't grabbed me fully, I've gotta say that they're still great at what they do. Their Forecastle set was incredibly fun, and very well received by serious, partial and new fans alike.